Current & New Patients

Current Patients
Patients of Dr. Koltronis, Dr. Ziehr and Dr. Follows are welcome to attend Gabriola Dental for their restorative, and hygiene needs.

Dr. Courtney Ziehr is in the office on Wednesdays.

Dr. Jasper Follows is in the office on Thursdays.

Dr. Paul Koltronis is in the office on Fridays.

New Patients
If you currently attend a dentist elsewhere but would like to stay on the island
for your hygiene appointments, we would be glad to accommodate you.We would ask
that you complete some basic paperwork that gives us permission to contact your
current dentist to receive copies of your radiographs as well as confirm the date
of your last checkup. We will share any concerns we may have and any radiographs
we take with your dentist shortly after your visit to us.

If you would like a cleaning appointment and you do not currently have a dentist,
we encourage you to book an appointment with Dr. Koltronis and associates
for a New Patient exam.